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  6. Shay Mitchell Trains for Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF 2013 part 2 [x]

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  9. [First Impressions] Review: Tara Stiles ‘Make Your Own Rules Diet’


    Some of my long term followers would be familiar with my many ups and downs. Whether it be mood, my diet and exercise, my headspace - or all of the above. That’s why I was so excited to hear that I had been selected to review the beautiful Tara Stiles’ new book, the Make Your Own Rules Diet. 

    I’ll be following a general guideline from Tara’s book for the next 7 days as I try to get my life, health and fitness back on track after months off due to sickness and laziness. Check back to the ‘reviews’ tab on my blog to follow my journey. 


    Its been about three years since I first discovered Tara Stiles on YouTube. If you haven’t seen her videos before, I would strongly recommend that you do so immediately. Tara has one of those magical voices that just lull you into a meditative like trance even though she may just be talking about how to close a car door. 

    Through my struggles with my mental health, and day in-day out psychologist visits, I’ve learnt one thing: never set strict rules. My psychologist is always pushing me to try new things to get away from rules - from attending my first gym (I know work there!), to cutting poisonous relationships with food (aka making a polite snack out of a binge food).

    So rule setting? Not so great. And this is why I love the concept of Tara’s new book. It focuses on finding yourself, loving yourself, and creating happiness around you. 

    "But when following someone else’s rules leads us further away from ourselves, we start swimming in dangerous territory … we begin to think of ourselves as failures. We messed up that diet. … But there’s a very important secret here: We’ve never failed ourselves. We’ve only proven again and again that other people’s rules, other people’s footsteps, simply belong to other people!

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    Oatmeal - As Requested!

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